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740 Ceramic line


Professional cutting wheels

912 professional marble cutting wheels

914 professional inox cutting wheels

923-924 924 Perfect Finish - 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound

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923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound. The Ideal combination of Fast Cut & Gloss

924 Perfect Finish. Protection and Mirror Gloss at once.

Slide 967 Sanding Pad 967 Sanding Pad

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967 Sanding block for waterproof sheets

Black hard layer

White soft layer

Adaptable flexibility

Orbital Sander Smirdex - 740 Ceramic Line

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Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander

Advanced silencing technology

Patented double sealed, lubrication-free motor prevents dust contamination

Patented "anti vibration" motor

740 Ceramic line smirdex-slider-740-background


740 Ceramic Line

Fast cutting results

Ceramic, self-sharpening edges

High removal rates

750 Ceramic Net smirdex-ceramic-net


750 Ceramic Net

High stock removal

Consistent fast sanding rate over time

Healthier working environment

135 Abrasoft smirdex


135 Abrasoft

Ideal for angles and corners

Waterproof product, suitable for wet sanding

Excellent solution for automotive & applications

915 zirconia flap slide-915a


915 Zirconia Flap discs

Fast metal grinding

High-cutting rates on hard metal

Excellent grinding performance

Quality abrasive solutions for any industry

Smirdex creates high-tech and top-quality abrasive materials and relative accessories, meeting the evolving and demanding needs of a vast variety of professionals. We constantly invest in research and development so as to ensure that our products will always be a step ahead of competition.
SMIRDEX - Automotive
Efficient and specialised abrasives, meeting the demands of the Automotive Refinishing Industry.
SMIRDEX - Composites
From grinding to polishing, all the dedicated to Composites Processing product lines by Smirdex.
Considering wood sanding, polishing and finishing, Smirdex provides all the dedicated abrasive products.
Durability and efficiency in Metal Processing are the two main characteristics of our specialised products.
SMIRDEX - Marble and Stones
Marble & Stone
Marble and Stone demand their own dedicated processing hardware. Smirdex provides the tools that make the difference.
SMIRDEX - Marine
Both for manufacturing and maintenance, Smirdex offers the optimum abrasive materials for the Marine Industry.
SMIRDEX - COnstruction
Smirdex meets the vast variety of specialised demands in the field of Construction, offering a plethora of dedicated products.
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About Smirdex

Founded in 1981, Smirdex is a leading company in the field of manufacturing premium quality abrasives and relative accessories for a wide range of applications. With reference to its launch, as a well-structured family business, and, with the unsurpassed efforts of the fully qualified staff, the company has been progressively led to growth, both in production and absolute alignment with top quality standards, through leading raw materials, certified production process, and development of innovation via specialised research.

Focusing its commercial activity on the international market, Smirdex trades 85% of its production in more than 72 countries worldwide, through its network of dealers and associates, while the remaining 15% covers the entire domestic market share.
Smirdex - Customers training february 2020
On Monday 17th February 2020, smirdex team welcomed at its premises a group of Russian customers. A 2-day theoretical and technical training took place, all products were presented and a constructive discussion followed. Customers also visited the old city of Xanthi and the beautiful town of Kavala. Certificates were given at the end of the [...]
Smirdex will be present and exhibiting at Woodex 2019, in Moscow, between 3-6 December 2019 at Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1. Demonstrating the latest equipment and technologies on the fields of woodworking, furniture production and wood waste utilisation, Smirdex will be participating in the exhibition amongst the most important representatives of the abrasives’ industry from all [...]
40 Years
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