Backing Pads Random Orbit

Backing Pads Random Orbit (960)


Integrally foamed pads of medium hardness, suitable for grinding flat and curved surfaces using velours backed abrasives(velcro). Are available in two types, with and without dust extraction.

Soft Interface Cushion Pads

Soft Interface Cushion Pads (950)


Soft interface pads are placed between the DApad and the abrasive disc in order to give a soft sanding surface. Ideal for use with fine and ultra fine grain abrasives.

Hand Sanders

Hand Sanders (966)


Hand files for usage in the Automotive Industry.

Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes (990)


This tape goes on easy, sticks fast, holds tight and leaves no residue upon removal. It adheres easily to curved and irregular surfaces.

Self Adhesive Hook Fastener

Self Adhesive Hook Fastener 5104


Converts temporarily or permanently from self -adhesive type sanders to self-gripping ones.

Backing Pads

Backing Pads


Plastic and Polyurethan backing pads for right angle grinders.

Fibre Backing Pads

Fibre Backing Pads (939)


Black plastic backing pads  and white backing pads with lock nut.

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