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Ceramic Line 740

Ceramic Line 740

CERAMIC discs are fast cutting products with improved performance that last significantly longer than the conventional abrasives. A water-based stearate coating provides maximum load resistance, thus extending the life of the product.
Putting increased working pressure becomes easy for the user when sanding with 740 discs, thus providing high removal rates. Moreover, their 15-hole pattern contributes to a dust-free environment, protecting the worker from the dangerous sanding dust particles.

Ceramic Net 750

Ceramic Net 750

The net fabric structure permits the maximum absorption of sanded particles thus providing dust-free sanding and cleaner surfaces. This means a healthier work environment, where less time and effort is needed for cleaning up whilst the worker is protected from the dangerous sanding dust.
SMIRDEX net delivers better productivity and profitability since clogging is minimized, offering thus the possibility of higher performance and better surface finishing.

Yellow Line 820

Yellow Line 820

This is an ideal solution to the professional demanding needs. Its high durability makes it suitable for dry sanding in the automotive refinishing industry and marine tasks. It is especially designed to perform on tough surfaces such as the scratch-proof clear coats. The special stereate coating prevents clogging and loading.

White Dry Sanding Line (510)

White Dry Sanding Line (510)

Special products for dry sanding of all kinds of carbody fillers in the car refinishing industry. It is suitable for sanding at high speeds. Its special stearate coating prevents clogging and pill forming, thus achieving an optimal sanding result. Coarser grits are suitable for sanding putty and removing lacquers whilst finer grits are ideal for sanding primers and lacquers.

Mat (922)

This sanding disc has been created for dealing with both smooth and profiled surfaces. Thanks to its flexible construction it can produce a smooth sanding pattern on angles and frames whilst the risk of pressure marks is minimized. Moreover, the flexible knit permits water and air to pass freely thus making it suitable for both dry and wet sanding.


Abrasoft (135sp)

Abrasoft is ideal for sanding contoured and irregular surfaces that cannot be easily accessed by sanding machines. It is very useful within the automotive industry and the car repair sector. The thin foam base allows the user to put pressure evenly, thus decreasing the risk of sanding through the surface. The special stearate coating provides maximum load resistance. Coarser grits are suitable for sanding putty whilst finer grits are suitable for primed or lacquered surfaces.

Waterproof Abrasive Paper

Waterproof Abrasive Paper (270)

This paper is especially designed for the automotive market, delivering incomparable results in waterproof and colour sanding. Waterproof paper is recommended for manual wet sanding of lacquers, plastics and composite materials. Its flexible backing and bond allow for easy folding and tearing. It can resist loading and curling and it can offer a uniform finish.

Alox Waterproof Paper

Alox Waterproof Paper (275)

This paper is suitable for wet or dry sanding of all kinds of paints and lacquers (primers, fillers). Its anti-slip backing ensures safe handling whilst its flexibility allows for easy folding and tearing. It combines high cut efficiency with a unique finishing result.

Masking Foam 921 13mmx50m
Abrasive Sponges

Abrasive Sponges (920)

Due to their flexibility, they can be used either for dry or wet sanding of flat, contoured and moulded surfaces of metal, plastics and paintwork.These products are made of high quality foam, are coated with either aluminium oxide or silicon carbide grains and bonded by special resin.

Non Woven

Non Woven (925)

It is a 3-D nylon fibre-sanding product that provides an excellent surface finish. It is ideal for dry sanding of primers, removal of rust spots and dirty surfaces cleaning, thus creating an excellent base for the next lack layer

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