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About Smirdex

Founded in 1981, Smirdex is a leading company in the field of manufacturing premium quality abrasives for a wide range of applications. With reference to its Foundation as a well-structured family business, and, with the continuous efforts of the fully qualified staff, the company has been progressively led to growth, both in production and absolute alignment with top quality standards, through quality raw materials, certified production process, and development of innovation via specialised research.

Focusing its commercial activity on the international market, Smirdex trades 85% of its sales in more than 76 countries worldwide, through its network of dealers and associates, while the remaining 15% is distributed to the internal Greek market.
Our history
  1. Year of foundation
  2. First exports took place
  3. Company status change to SA and expansion of facilities
  4. Acquisition of completely new conversion machinery
  5. Completion of the second maker
  6. Topouzoglou family becomes sole shareholder
  7. Exports 7.500.000m² of abrasives to more than 72 countries
  8. New Warehouse
Our philosophy
Our clear vision is to provide the international market with a wide range of top-quality abrasive materials that will meet the evolving and demanding needs of all professionals.

We constantly invest in research and development so as to ensure that our products will always be a step ahead of competition. Based on this fact and thanks to the continuous efforts of our specialised staff, Smirdex dominates the Greek market, while claiming a growing share of the international trade.

Smirdex philosophy is also people oriented; we always take care of our staff by providing safe and healthy working conditions, whilst many opportunities are offered in order for them to enrich their professional skills.

Last but not least, social and environment responsibility make part of our business ethics by taking action and implementing frameworks both directly related to our manufacturing process and outside the strict field of industrial activity.
Smirdex - Coated Abrasives Industry Mardarios Topouzoglou
Smirdex - Coated Abrasives Industry Katerina Topouzoglou
Located in Northern Greece, at Xanthi, in a total of 32.000m² of premises, the production facilities occupy more than 15.000m², accommodating the two high-tech and sophisticated makers and conversion plants. Recently expanded and fully modernised, Smirdex’s production facilities meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

The modern equipment, operated by the well-trained and specialised personnel, is housed in the fully operational industrial premises of Smirdex, accommodating the two makers and the conversion department. The makers are efficiently designed and equipped with all sophisticated electronic systems in order to ensure top quality outcome and optimum control, while the conversion department process the final abrasive rolls and convert it into end products, through the most friendly and efficient procedures.

The Administration Headquarters are situated along with the production and conversion facilities, in a well-equipped and functional space of the 15.000m² total building surface, capable of supporting the company's administrative functions, coordination, management and marketing needs. In such a close proximity to the industrial premises, decision-making, as well as the design and implementation of the business strategy, play an important role in the overall organisation and functioning of the entire industry.

Furthermore, a subsidiary department is located in Athens, providing additional administrative services, customer care and sales support to the capital area and surroundings.

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