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Environment is respected in all organisational procedures. From the product planning stage to the shipment of orders, environmental issues are strictly taken into consideration. An industry with eco consciousness faces several challenges, both at the theoretical level of design and in the practice of the industrial activities.

Therefore, Smirdex sets and follows three major parameters, considering: the factors of industrial production, the product itself, and the process of product usage by the customer.
Environmental responsibility
CER in industrial production
Modernising equipment contributes efficiently in power consumption and emissions reduction; therefore, Smirdex keeps regularly updating machinery and infrastructure, while seeking for safe waste disposal methods and recycling.
CER in product manufacturing
Ensuring top certified raw materials in order to manufacture long-life products and selecting environmentally friendly packaging, contributing to the reduction in the amount of global waste.
CER in product usage
Respecting the end user of our products, we always look for safe and dust-free solutions, while encouraging recycling all recyclable components.
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