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There is an integrated philosophy behind Production. Smirdex invests in three parameters in order to deliver high-tech and top-quality products. The first parameter is none other than the production equipment itself. By continuously modernising our machines and systems, we are constantly increasing our production volumes, while ensuring consistency in top-quality products and optimal conditions for our staff. The second parameter is the company's human resources, who is fully trained and skilled, always in touch with the latest equipment and materials technology. The third basic parameter is the raw materials' selection and approval. Through a network of certified suppliers, we ensure the top-quality raw materials that conform to strict technical specifications. The quality control of all incoming goods is done in every delivery of incoming goods is thoroughly inspected by our specialized personnel to ensure the use of approved, high-quality raw materials.
2 makers
The two production plants are equipped with two on-site, fully automated, electronic systems, controlling the sophisticated, modern machinery. Through a specified production for each and every product category, and the installation of an entirely new production line for 1420mm jumbo rolls, the capacity of the complex exceeds 40,000 m² per shift.

The fully automated makers produce the first form of unprocessed products, by transforming the raw materials into big abrasive jumbo rolls. This very first step is followed by specialised converting processes, which will result in the production of many different product forms such as discs, rolls, sheets and belts. The whole system is engineered in a flexible way so that we can switch the production or conversion process at any time in order to keep pace with the growing requirements of markets and our customers.

With Smirdex’s specially trained staff being a quality determining factor in the production process, all products are set to acquire their key features according to the industry’s highest standards. The range of our products covers all the sanding needs in the fields of: Automotive, Wood, Marble, Construction, Metal, Marine, and other specialised applications.
Conversion Department
The numerous high-tech machines transform the primary product into applicable Discs, Sheets, Delta sheets, Strips, Rolls, Belts, driven through sophisticated cutting presses, CNC routers and laser applications, the products take their final form, through the precision and the diligence of the cutting and shaping processes.

Upon completion of this phase, the final product will always be delivered for quality control, in order to be approved and continue its way to the market.
Once the production process and the quality tests are finished, the products are headed to Smirdex’s warehouse, where they become part of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. An integrated system of storage and quick customer supply services, supports the global sales department, providing ready-to-ship products the moment an order is placed.

The Logistics department of Smirdex is an important and integral cog, both for the smooth operation of the production line and for the optimal customer service and supply chain of Smirdex, globally.
Three features that make the difference
SMIRDEX - Specialized personel
Specialised personnel
Trained and equipped with skills and knowledge, every member of Smirdex Team works in their speciality fields, concentrated on the main purpose.
SMIRDEX - Quality control
On site scanning quality control systems
Both production lines are equipped with brand new sophisticated scanning quality control sensors, placed in the various stages of the production process, ensuring thus the consistency of the quality on site, by scanning and monitoring continuously the surface of the produced jumbo rolls.
Quality Control Approval
Each Jumbo roll is marked and barcoded, in order to have full traceability of the produced products. Samples are collected, checked and recorded according to specifications. End products are tested by our highly trained personnel in different surfaces and applications. The final approval is given by the authorised quality control engineer.
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