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From the very first moment, when the raw material arrives at Smirdex's premises, up to the final packaging stage, quality controls is implemented in every step, ensuring that the final product will not only meet all the specifications, but it also will be a top-quality choice in its category.

For all of us in Smirdex, quality matters. Therefore, all products are subject to strict quality controls and released only after the approval of the Quality Control Department. Furthermore, all testing results are reported and archived in an open database, for easy access, traceability and study of the performance of different branches as well as of competitive products.
Quality Control
Three ways Smirdex maintains
the highest quality standards
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Through top-quality raw materials, certified production process, qualified staff and continuous, onsite quality controls.
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Through the search for new, innovative solutions that can offer complete and qualitative coverage of needs.
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Through direct communication with the customer, listening to their needs and desires, and offering a unique service experience.
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