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Research & innovation

Smirdex is always committed to finding sophisticated solutions and manufacturing new innovative products, combining specialised and detailed research with long experience in the field of abrasives. Thus, we create products that can meet all the evolving needs of modern professionals.

Moreover, market feedback is crucial for developing specialised products and improving even more our current production lines and procedures. All new products are tested in the company’s high-tech laboratories by our scientific staff and, sometimes, academic research is taken over by the university and other educational institutes.
Research & innovation
Leading the industry in innovation
Research & innovation
Client-driven innovation
Smirdex's goal is to fully meet the needs of its customers. Among other things, this involves two key processes: Investing in Innovation, and being in open communication with the professionals in the field, listening to their concerns and needs. Every product bearing the Smirdex signature is created under these conditions.
Research & innovation
Highly-qualified research staff
Smirdex’s research labs are a place that cultivates curiosity and lets innovation flourish. Therefore, we constantly invest in research and development, having the right people, the means, and the ideal conditions. It’s our duty to create innovative products that will make the cut through the toughest and most demanding tests.
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750 Ceramic Net
The 750 Ceramic Net delivers better productivity and profitability, since clogging is minimised, offering thus the efficiency of higher performance and better surface finishing.
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740 Ceramic Line
The 740 Ceramic Line offers fast cutting products with improved performance, since a water-based stearate coating provides maximum load resistance, extending the life of the product.
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270 Waterproof
The 270 waterproof consists of high-quality waterproof sanding abrasive papers. Considering the car body repair industry, it is suitable for wet sanding lacquered surfaces, between coats.
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