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Sponge rolls
The 135sp Abrasoft series is suitable for automotive, wood and veneer finishing. The Aluminium Oxide grains provide fast sanding results, while the open coat structure and the stearate top coat enhance durability and prevent clogging and loading.

The foam backing is suitable for hand sanding of corners, angles of plastic car body parts and all difficult shapes of furniture. The foam allows pressure to be applied evenly, thus reducing the risk of sanding through the surface.
Technical specifications
Automotive, Composites, Wood
A-wt flexible latex paper on 4mm foam
Resin over resin
Open, Special stearate coating against clogging and loading
Grit options
P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P280, P320, P400, P500, P600, P800, P1000
Special features
Suitable for wet sanding
Special aluminum oxide (ALOX)
Product options
Sponge rolls
135sp Abrasoft sponge rolls
H115mmX25m (perforated)
135sp Abrasoft sponge rolls
H115mmX25m (non-perforated)
Video showcase
The original ABRASOFT in a new packaging
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Points of interest
Maximum adaptability
Maximum adaptability
Thanks to its flexible latex paper and foam backing the 135sp Abrasoft Sponge rolls are ideal for hand sanding on any type of curved and angled surface.
Foam backing for maximum flexibility
Foam backing for maximum flexibility
The foam backing on the latex paper provides maximum flexibility to the product, by enhancing adaptability onto the working surface.
Wet sanding
Wet sanding
It can be used on a wet working surface with excellent results.
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