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923 Heavy Cut
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The Ideal combination of Fast Cut & Gloss.
The ideal choice of a 2 step polishing solution in auto-refinish market. An innovative solution for panel shop professionals combining the heavy cutting performance and a glossy appearance.

Smirdex 923 Heavy Cut Polishing compound is a water-based silicon-free compound suitable for all kinds of automotive clear coats. The impressive results are gained after sanding the clear coats with P1500 or finer sandpapers, leaving no sanding marks and restoring color brightness and shine.
• Heavy Cut Polishing Compound- suitable for automotive clear-coats repair.
• Combining Fast Cutting performance with High-Gloss Outcome.
• Removes scratches of P1500 and finer abrasives permanently.
• Regenerates color brightness and shine.
• Restores automotive clear-coat high-gloss.
• Prevents clear-coat gradual fade, enhancing the water-repellent surface effect.
• Designed to eliminate uncontrolled scattering of the paste during rotating operation.

Recommendations on use:
• Apply 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound on a lampswool or a medium-hard polishing pad.
• Recommended use with Random Orbital Polishers or Rotary Polishers
• Work station by station and remove any polishing residues with a clean and dry microfibre cloth.
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923 Heavy Cut
923 Heavy Cut
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