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924 Perfect Finish
Protection and Mirror Gloss at once.
This innovative step 3 polish for auto-refinish market is the best choice for mirror-gloss effect as well as your best solution for Hologram removals.

Smirdex 924 Perfect is a water-based silicon-free compound suitable for all kinds of automotive clear coats. It can be applied either over the 923 Heavy Cut Polishing compound or on sanded clear-coats with P3000 or finer scratches or having light swirl marks. A brilliant high gloss performance and an impressive color-depth reappearance of the clear coat are the key characteristics of this special 924 Perfect Finish polish.
• Perfect Finish Polish-suitable for automotive clear-coats protection, shine and hologram removal.
• Removes light swirl marks and scratches of P3000 and finer permanently.
• Reappearance of color brightness and shine.
• Restore automotive clear-coat high-gloss.
• High water-repellent effect and long-lasting protection of clear-coat’s gradual fade.
• Designed to eliminate uncontrolled scattering of the paste during rotating operation.

Recommendations on use:
• Apply 924 Perfect Finish polish on a medium or soft-medium polishing pad.
• Apply it over 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound for even better polishing results.
• Recommended use with Random Orbital Polishers or Rotary Polishers
• Work station by station and remove any polishing residues with a clean and dry microfibre cloth.
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924 Perfect Finish
924 Perfect Finish
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