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951 Blue Hard Pad
ID: 951150200
Polishing Pad used to remove deep scratches and buffing of paint defects on old and new clear-coats in combinations with Smirdex 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound or 924 Perfect Finish Polish.

• Blue Open-cell foam ideal for Hard and Fast Cutting and Finishing.
• This hard pad consists of a foam characterized by relatively large cell sizes, which in practice means high aggressiveness. It is used to remove deep scratches and preparation of the surface for the next stages of polishing.
• Combining the 923 Heavy Cut Polishing compound onto the blue hard pad , treat heavily damaged paints to remove deep scratches , tarnishing or oxidation in order to get high level of buffing in addition to a very nice gloss and finish.
Recommendations on use:
• Apply the compound evenly on the pad not directly on the surface.
• Polish always by applying the polisher with pad in horizontal position and not vertically or at an angle on the surface.
• Start polishing with low speed. Do not exceed 2000 rpm.
• Do not polish surfaces under direct sunlight.
• Do not exceed temperatures of 45°C on clear coat’s polished surface.

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951 Blue Hard Pad
150mm x 25mm (2pcs/box)
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