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952 Lambswool Pads
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Lambswool Polishing pads used to rub , buff and polish surfaces with deep scratches of old or new clear-coats and lacquers, in combination with Smirdex 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound.

The addition of pad’s midsole is essential for a uniform finishing result.

• 100% natural lamb wool
• Low heat generation
• Fast cutting performance
• No polish residues
• Compact midsole for uniform polishing
• Impressive gloss
• Easy to wash

Recommendations on use:
• Apply evenly the 923 Heavy Cut polishing compound on the lambswool pad
• Recommended use with Random orbital Polishers or Rotary Polishers
• Do not exceed 2000rpm during polishing
• Work station by station and remove any polish residues with a clean and dry 953 microfiber polishing cloth
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952 Lambswool Pads
150mm – 2pcs/pack
952 Lambswool Pads
180mm – 2pcs/pack
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