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Smirdex creates the frame of an integral customer service. This means that we care for the needs of our customers and we are always creating innovative solutions, but, moreover, we have the obligation to train our customers, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, Smirdex has established an Academy; a series of training seminars, which take place either in the company's especially designed facilities or it can also be organised at our customer’s facilities. In addition to the training seminars, Smirdex offers a tutorial database with audio-visual material and a dedicated support department.
Smirdex Academy
Training courses
SMIRDEX - End User Training
End User Training
We offer our clients training sessions in their premises under real conditions, thus providing hands-on experience, within training modules. We educate our clients in the wide range of Smirdex products portfolio and sanding options, while communicating the many alternatives they have in order to optimise their job outcome.
SMIRDEX - Distributor Training
Distributors Training
Integrated training for a network of dealers and distributors with the best organisation for optimal service delivery and specialised knowledge. A cycle of seminars that focuses equally on theory and practice, through information and simulation.
SMIRDEX - Staff Training
Staff Training
Focusing on sales, Smirdex provides its staff with an integrated Sales Force Training course. Knowing both the product and the demands of all possible applications, our sales staff will be trained and ready to listen and provide solutions even to the most challenging requests of our customers.
Media gallery

Smirdex 965 Series Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander – orbit 5mm Yellow holder

Smirdex 965 Series Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander – orbit 2.5mm Blue holder

Smirdex – 967 Sanding block for waterproof sheets

Smirdex  – 915 Flap disc

Smirdex – 740 Ceramic line and 820 yellow line

Smirdex – Net line on primer and filler

Smirdex – 270 Waterproof 275 wet or dry and 830 film line on lacquer

Smirdex – Ceramic line, 820  yellow line and 135 abrasoft on filler

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