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Terms And Conditions

  1. Trader’s Information
    a. Greek General Commercial Registry’s number: 012517446000
    b. Name: SMIRDEX SA
    c. V.A.T.: 094366857
    d. County: Xanthi
    e. Municipality: Xanthi
    f. Region: Lefki
    g. Postal Code: 67100
    Hereinafter, referred to for the purposes of brevity as “Smirdex” or “Company”.
  2. Website use
    a. By continuing to use this Website www.smirdex.gr you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions.
    b. These terms may be modified without prior notice to consumers. In any case, the modified terms will not apply retroactively.
    c. This website refers to consumers as well as professional merchants.
  3. Website purpose
    a. These terms and conditions apply to the exhibition of products and services, as well as the personal data collected through the use of the website www.smirdex.gr
    b.The present website seeks only to promote the products and the business activities of Smirdex and it is not intended as informative, consultative or in any way as providing advice for the projects that Smirdex undertakes during the course of its business activities.
  4. Accuracy of technical specifications
    a. The company assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy of the technical specifications of the products, and the validity of the information provided is ensured without prejudice to any technical of typographical errors that have inadvertently or accidentally occurred.
    b. The company assumes no responsibility for any inconsistency between the available image of the products and the actual technical specifications. The images of the products are indicative and may not match their natural state.
    c. In each case, the consumer has to seek for more information about the details of the technical specifications of the products via communication with the responsible department of the company.
  5. Personal data in the website
    a. Personal data (including photographs) of employees, associates and/or partners that is included in the website may not be copied or used elsewhere without the explicit approval of the respective natural persons.
  6. Intellectual Property
    a. The text, images (excluding trademarks or distinctive marks), and videos displayed on this Website are the property of Smirdex or a third party from which Smirdex has received permission to use. Commercial use is prohibited unless you previously obtain Smirdex’s written permission.
    b. Any unauthorized use of these texts, images, and videos may lead to Smirdex seeking damages and/or penal measures to be enforced.
    c. The display of the material on the website, should in no way be understood as a transfer, licencing, or granting the right to use or exploit it.
  7. Trademarks
    a. Trademarks or distinctive marks included in this website that are referring to third parties does not imply that their respective holders and/or users promote, approve or suggest Smirdex.
    b. Apart from the registered trademark of Smirdex all other trademarks and logos displayed on the Website are registered trademarks of third parties.
    c. No trademark or distinctive mark displayed on the Website can be used without the written permission of its owner or user.
  8. Blog
    a. Opinions hosted on this blog do not necessarily represent Smirdex, nor encourage the purchase of specific products or services. Any trademarks mentioned remain the property of the respective trademark holders. Tips provided are only provided as informative in nature and should not be relied on as advice or counsel.
  9. Hyperlinks and (Social) Media
    a. This Website may include links providing direct access (hyperlinks) to other Websites and/or Social Media pages and accounts
    b. Smirdex has not in any way participated in the development of those other sites and does not exert any other means of control over those sites unless otherwise stated.
    c. Smirdex is not responsible for the content contained in these Websites.
    d. Links to and from the Website do not constitute any kind of endorsement by Smirdex for the interested parties, or their products and services or vice versa.
  10. Data protection Policy
    a. Personal Data protection policy
    b. As reflected on the website:
    i. By filling in personal data on this website, you declare that you have the authority by this person in order to provide them to the trader.
  11. Jurisdiction
    a. For any dispute, the court of Xanthi shall have jurisdiction
  12. Applicable law
    a. Applicable law will be the Greek law.
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