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951 Black Soft Waffle Pad
ID: 951150400

• Black Open-cell foam ideal for Finishing.
• This soft pad consists of a foam with a characteristic waveform. During work, air flows between the tabs, causing cooling of the varnish and foam.
• It is distinguished by a low density of cells with reduced rigidity. The structure of the foam absorbs evenly the liquid polish or wax and does not cause the pad to heat up. The features of the foam make it very soft and resilient.
• Combining 924 Perfect Finish Polish with the black waffle pad you will disappear holograms on clear coats.
• Black Waffle Pad is perfect for applying the 927 Ceramic Wax for full paint protection, color depth and gloss, without the risk of scratching the varnish.
Product options
951 Black Soft Waffle Pad
150mm x 25mm (2pcs/box)
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