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951 White Hard Pad Plus
ID: 951150100
Polishing Pad special designed to provide fast cutting, remove deep scratches. High level of finish in combination with Smirdex 923 Heavy Cut Polishing Compound.

• White Open-cell foam ideal for Fast Cutting and Polishing.
• This very hard pad consists of a foam that changes its properties when exposed to heat. Its hardness depends on temperature to a great extent. Initially the foam is very hard to the touch, but as soon as it is warmed up, it softens up to a certain level. The foam becomes so soft that it is recommended to use it for cutting and polishing.
• Combining the 923 Heavy Cut Polishing compound onto the white very hard pad you get a high level of buffing in addition to a very nice gloss and finish
Recommendations on use:
• Apply the compound evenly on the pad not directly on the surface.
• Polish always by applying the polisher with pad in horizontal position and not vertically or at an angle on the surface.
• Start polishing with low speed. Do not exceed 2000 rpm.
• Do not polish surfaces under direct sunlight.
• Do not exceed temperatures of 45oC on clear coat’s polished surface.

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951 White Hard Pad Plus
150mm x 25mm (2pcs/box)
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